Government Shutdown Help for who???? Not US


OK, So I thought it was only me. I have been a member of USAA for 18 years. The last furlough, I wasn't impacted as I worked for an agency that had money. This time I work for Homeland Security which is being directly impacted. I no longer serve but I did serve a while back. To discover that Navy Federal and now PenFed have decided to create programs for the employees impacted by the shutdown and learn that USAA has not is a disgrace!! How are you for your members? Just because DOD was not impacted doesn't mean other agencies were not and now I am being told there is nothing in place for me to utilize in the event things get tighter. I have my furlough letter, and when I called (twice) I was told that my concerns would be sent to the proper officials. That does me no good as I like many others will not be getting paid this weekend. I have savings in another account but after that is gone, then what? USAA seems to have forgotten that there are many Border Patrol Officers, Secret Service Officers, Corrections Officers, ATF Agents, FBI Agents, DEA Agents, and many other impacted people that are using your services. It is a slap in the face to turn to your credit union only to discover that the only loans being offered are for the USCG and NOAA. Really??? That is it??? Why?? And even more so, now that I know others are complaining about this and posting their concerns USAA hasn't made a change at all. Tomorrow is Friday and that will be payday for many of us. I know the financial advisors always talk about having 6 months income saved up but the thing is, I live in the WDC area. I dip into my savings on a regular just to handle the day to day expenses that come about.


Again, I won't make threats about leaving it will be a promise, but I will say USAA needs to be more impathetic to your customers who are feeling this right now. If there is no agreement and this shutdown goes on for longer, what then? The only solution offered to me is because I have a great payment history, I can miss up to two months. Then after that I would be considered deliquent in my payments and I would be reported to the credit bureau. I need my score to remain high as I have a Top Secret Security Clearance. USAA needs to be more understanding and willing to work with everyone during this shutdown. Too bad I can't file a complaint with the Inspector General (Treasury closed) but you best believe that if nothing changes soon, I will. 

Make provisions for your customers USAA like PenFED and NavyFed!!!!!! I have been with you guys for too long for you to treat me this way. And I also have more than a credit card with you. #endtheshutdown  #careaboutyourcustomers


@Sabby16, we're sorry to hear of your disappointment. We will forward your feedback to the appropriate area. -Cynthia

I’m so disappointed in USAA for not offering assistance for all furloughed employees. I have had USAA as my direct deposit for more years than I can remember. I am seriously thinking about changing it to my credit union.

I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment, @Nix1967. I will forward your feedback to the appropriate area. Tricia

@Sabby16  I agree I spend a lot of money with USAA.  Looks like Statefarm will handle my insurance and NavyFed can use my business (they already offered).