Government Shutdown Financial Assistance (outside USAA)

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Navy veteran and "excepted" employee for the Department of Justice who is currently working for free. I cannot wrap my brain around the lack of USAA’s financial assistance to ALL federal employees affected by the shutdown! Although heartbreaking, I've learned some good information from reading the various discussions. Thought I'd give a Shout Out to other potential financial resources!  Ooorah!

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1 - Today's email from Justice on furlough guidance:

Justice Federal Credit Union Loans:  the Justice Federal Credit Union (JFCU) has announced that it will offer current and potential members special assistance furlough loans.  JFCU members, and non-members interested in becoming members, should contact the credit union directly to learn more about eligibility and qualifications.  


2 - I wish I still had my Navy Federal CU account from back in the day! They are offering a 0% APR Loan to their current members during the government shutdown.


3 - I am a current FedChoice FCU member and they are offering some assistance (IMO, not as good as NFCU). 

“If you are or know someone who is not already a FedChoice member, and they have been impacted by this Shutdown and needs assistance, when they open a new membership account we’ll make the $5.00 deposit to cover their initial deposit. This offer is good from now until the end of the Shutdown. Who qualifies for membership? Federal government employees and government contractors along with their families within the Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia metropolitan areas.” 


If I learn of more resources, I will share!  Best of Luck to All!


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Sorry, the links to resources were removed by moderator.  Just google.


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I've been with USAA since 1973. Normally, I've been a big fan. But this actions is ridiculous, and shows that the company has lost connection to its roots. 


But I guess that you could say that the generals and admirals on the board are following their own roots - falling on their swords.

@Pete O., We understand that some of our members who are federal employees are also impacted by the current government shutdown, but given the difficulty in determining each federal department’s approach and each member’s status, we’ve had to limit this loan offer to active duty Coast Guard and NOAA Corps members.  We encourage you to call us directly to discuss your specific situation, so we can help determine the best option for you. ~DC

This whole thing is so ridiculous.
1. Every other bank who is offering assistance was able to determine status of furloughed employees. Banks with considerably less resources than USAA, no less.
2. I keep seeing the suggestion of “call to discuss your options for your specific situation”, but there aren’t ANY options other than what is normally available to us. No payday advances, loans, lines of credit, nothing. Why make us waste our time calling just to tell us that? It took me 30 minutes of calls to get the answer of “I’m sorry I don’t know why we (USAA) aren’t doing more”.
3. The lack of assistance does not just exist for pay loans, I was told that all they could do for my mortgage payment was remind me of grace period. WOW THANKS. I’ve always had that. I was hoping to have a payment or 2 defereed or possibly added to the end of the loan life, but was told there was no relief available for furloughed employees who are mortgage holders.

@Reeree3, We are sorry to hear you are disappointed. We will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team ~ Samantha 

It is quite disappointing how USAA is handling this very challenging situation for U.S. federal employees.  USAA has always been the savior in situations where others have failed.  In this case, I found that Wells Fargo not only offered to waive late fees, but they were proactive about it, putting a message on the front page of their website.  Despite they challenges they have had, I can tell you that I was really impressed by this decision and found their customer service extremely helpful, professional, and compassionate.  I would have expected the same from USAA, but was really happy my mortgage is with Wells Fargo given the mess we're in at them moment. 

We have a mortgage through Suntrust. They are offering assistance as well.
Sad about USAA.