Goodbye from a 20 year member. Good luck to everyone else.

Today, I finally followed through on my plan of action, with my secured credit card, since USAA just doesn't care about their membership anymore.

I applied and was approved for over $100,000 worth of credit cards from other financial institutions and then I called up USAA And finally canceled my secured credit card. I decided if 4 other financial institution's were going to give me credit, I could take the hit with my secured card closure.

You see USAA doesn't care about secured credit card holders anymore or our requests for over six years to help them graduate their cards so that they wouldn't end up adversely impacting their credit by closing the card that USAA (since it would be the oldest trade line) issued them to "help build their credit" in the first place.

USAA used to be the go to company for every members needs, but so much anymore.

I know USAA doesn't care anymore and I wish they did care but it's clear that after six years of multiple requests and speaking to the CEOs office for more than four years they don't.

I have lost all faith and trust in USAA, but have found new faith and trust in other financial institutions, including local credit unions that can offer better rates, products and services.

All I have to say to other members is, leave now and if you don't, good luck and goodbye.

- (Grandson of a Ret. USAF Colonel, who served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam)


MarkMM - Sorry to see you go, We appreciate the feedback as it will help us improve future service for our members.- Jason

The customer service at USAA has declined, the banking environment at USAA is lackluster, etc, yet they always stood for honor and integrity, which was enough for me. That is until the new CEO, Wayne Peacock, decided the values associated with being a hipster were more important than honor and integrity and USAA decided to abandon the latter. Hence, there is no longer any good reason to affilated with USAA, and some pretty good reasons not to.

This isn't all on Wayne Peacock, USAA has been in decline for about 10 years. The last few years it has really gone over the edge.

So sad to see USAA decline so dramaticly.  I had all USAA products when I joined over 20 years ago.  I now just have checking and one credit card.  Now actively looking for another bank.

@USAA -    Members have been remarking about the secure credit card for quite awhile on this board and that is all you can say.  In fact, USAA threatened to limit the comments one member was making about the secured credit card because it "violated" the code when all he was doing was challenging USAA to meet their committments to call back, set deadlines and meet them, etc. - something the rest of us have to do in our jobs on a daily basis.   I think USAA's response is a prime example of contiuing to provide words with no meaning. 


100% agree!! Btw I was the member they were trying to "censor". Couldn't take anymore of their BS. Time to move away, so happy I pulled the trigger. So much less stress and more financial security for my family. What a shame, USAA will never be the the same. I will continue to advise everyone I can talk to to stay away from USAA until they respect the membership again (and I'm not holding out much hope).

@MarkMM, I took the hit on my credit (was very small) after I closed my long-time cards with USAA about three years ago--after starting back around the 84-85 timeframe. Took all my banking/investments (for me and my family) with me to different financial institution.  Like you, we found some better rates/products/services. One of my daughters started a full-time job with a software development company a couple months ago, and she didn't want to have anything to do with USAA Banking. I helped her up with checking/sav/money market/CD and CC at my financial institution, an IRA/Investment account with Fidelity.


Note to USAA: No need to forward this to anyone. Meant as a comment to MarkMM.

Good for you. I’m wanting to make a switch too. USAA is now a horrible bank. It’s such a hard process to switch everything and I’m assuming that’s what they are hoping. I’ll eventually get my accounts moved since they have gone downhill.

@MarkMM . . . Last year, USAA spokeswoman Gloria Manzano stated that USAA was working on a solution to make the transition from a secured credit card to an unsecured credit card or a different card type simpler by switching the current account to the new card type and using a soft credit pull available to customers by the end of last year. I contacted USAA and asked for a status of that transition and received no response as of yet. My FICO Score is 808 but I have been reading that creditors are reducing credit card limits and not granting many new accounts. Can you share which 4 financial institutions you applied to? Thanks and best wishes!