Good to know that at least USAA has implemented DIE (Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity); so who cares about usefulness

So like everyone else, I have nothing but wonderful comments *sarcasm* about the new account page roll-outs.  I learned the hard way - through NSF - that none of the previous pending payments carried over to the updated layout.

I have now reverted to keeping a spreadsheet on my desktop to track my accounts and balance my checkbook/look into future balances.  I'm glad that I have done that, because yet today ANOTHER *disappeared* payment hit my checking on USAA but luckily I had learned the hard way that USAA's system is no longer dependable.  -And looking again just now - I now am learning that automatic transfers that have happened (today) between accounts are still showing up on the scheduled transactions as "yet to happen" which means that the projected balance is counting the transaction twice.

Good job USAA.  I hope that diverting those dollars from Operations/IT to Advertising have allowed you to grow your customer base, because that's the only reason I can see why this mistake of an upgrade happened.  This are bush league issues.  Sad.

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Thanks for the feedback JD.  I've been with USAA for close to 25 years.  I wasn't in a car accident nor have I experienced a stroke recently --> my point is that I did not change the way I interact with USAA and deviate my actions such that I experienced all of these issues.  USAA changed, and not for the better.  So I appreciate your "pointing out some tips" but if I raised them, it's because they weren't issues previously with the old system.  Don't try to gaslight me.

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HI @Noonespecial. We are sad to hear of your experience with our updates.  I have taken the liberty to send some tips about our update: 


  • Reminder transactions are not automatically reconciled. You must delete reminder transaction once the actual transaction posts to the account.
  • Transactions scheduled through USAA bill pay system that results in a paper check will not be reconciled and will remain on the scheduled transaction list until member deletes it.
  • Transactions scheduled through USAA funds transfer system and transactions scheduled through USAA bill pay systems that result in an electronic payment i.e., not paper check will remain on the scheduled transaction list until the due date. On the due date, the transaction will automatically drop from the "Scheduled" section as we currently assume the actual transaction will post on that date. Note: An enhancement is in progress that will improve this experience by keeping these transactions in the "Scheduled" section until the actual transaction posts and is automatically matched to the scheduled transaction.

We will submit your feedback and experience for further review and appreciate you letting us know.  ~JD