Good Bye USAA

I have had an account with USAA for several years. In the past, I have had a mortgage, several auto loans, personal loans, car insurance, rental insurance, renters (owner) insurance, homeowners insurance, a credit card, checking account, and many other accounts. I am 36 years old, a First Sergeant, serving in the Army for over 19 years, and being a loyal customer. I have never been at fault for an accident, have a clean driving record, never filed any property insurance claims, and never made any late payments.


 In short, another USAA customer struck my vehicle and made false statements to USAA. Law enforcement did not cite the other driver or me at the accident scene and could not determine who was at fault based on the vehicle damage evidence and conflicting stories. I had no damage on my vehicle, just a scratch, so I chose not to file a claim. Several days later, I got a call from USAA because the other driver had filed a claim. Later, USAA did this poor-outsourced investigation for the accident. USAA ultimately decided that because the other driver had children in the car, the driver would not have made such a dangerous move by passing me on the shoulder of I-95 and striking me while getting back on the road. My insurance company placed me at fault, and my rates increased based upon fabricated stories, assumptions, feelings, and likelihood. I will be taking all of my business elsewhere.

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Very sorry to hear your story. My stories can't compare, but I've felt the pain of USAA outsourcing to incompetent vendors. Short term it looks good to the board, but a lot of us are bailing off of this sinking ship.

Yes, the greed is evident.


I still have not heard back from a single USAA staff member regarding this dispute I initiated over a week ago.


Even the bot on this platform claims to have escalated the issue but still no attempts to reach me.

Oh no, @relle. This is extremely concerning to hear, it's never our intent to make you feel this way. I can understand your frustration and would like to have this looked into further. We appreciate your membership and never want to see you go. I will escalate your situation to our experts to be reviewed and address your concerns properly. ~Marie

I was told a director in the claims department made this determination against me.


Trust that I will use my sphere of influence as a senior leader to advise them to be wary of this company and its insurance practices against loyal customers.

Thanks for your concern.