Being a 25 year plus member of USAA, I've seen alot of change and  not much of it good.

I listen to the national advertising as they try to get new memebers and wonder how much is this costing? All the while doing almost nothing to keep thier long term members.

I called the other day to get a simple statement sent to my house, the rep states it would cost 10 dollars!

Wait, you have millions to spend on advertising but have lost sight of the little things that set you apart from the likes of all the all the big banks in america. It really costs to company 10 dollars to send a simple paper statement? I doubt it.


Granted 10 bucks is not that much but its the tip of the iceberg in a bigger problem, USAA  should spend less on collecting new memeber and cencentrate more on keeping the members it has.






As a 44 year member, I must second the fact that USAA is no longer interested in its members; it's main interest is the "all mighty" dollar.  I realized that it gives back via a SSA and other methods, but if you have an issue, lot's of luck.  I attempted to reach the Chairman of the Board via written correspondence only to find out that the reply came from within USAA (sounds like the fox watching the henhouse).  We elect the Board so why are we denied contact with them?  My advice is do not waste your time as I did writing the Board.  I am looking at Navy Federal Credit Union for my banking needs!!



USAA's mission is to serve the financial needs of our members — the men and women in the military community and their families. Our marketing efforts are meant to reach and inform prospective members about what USAA is and all that it has to offer. But USAA research shows that just under one half of eligible veterans are even aware of USAA. Our advertising is meant to reach and inform prospective members about what USAA is and all that it has to offer.


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