Global Banking Liquidity Crisis

Dear USAA, 


Please release a statement, addressing the USAA's potential exposure to the liquidity crunch, affecting many regional and systemically important banks. In such a statement, it would be prudent to state the percentage of your balance sheet, held in HTM treasuries, VC funding round capital, etc.

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I’m guessing there will be no such public announcement. I’ll bet USAA is in the same boat as all other large financial institutions and has way over leveraged itself in the search for easy profits and can’t afford to have depositors pull money out. So better for them to just stay silent, hope they can weather the storm that they put themselves in and gamble that most USAA members won’t remember or care that they ignored us when it comes time for us to vote for board members.

Well, I think that USAA does support the so call social awareness (wokeness). So, there may be some exposure to poor returns, if any returns at all. Yet, I suspect that I will have access to the funds, which I have with USAA. However, I hope the current financial situation severs as a warning of being concerned with making sound financial choices, instead of being concerned with hurting someone's feelings. Because, feelings can heal. But, lost funds are gone forever.


Nonetheless, I do agree that USAA should reach out to it's members, during this current financial climate.

As a comparison, Navy Federal Credit Union does offer a statement (|cont|5|about|presmsg|[removed se...). However, I did have to look for it. But, it is a credit union. So, I am not concerned about any foolishness.

I do my banking at a local credit union.  When I logged in today, the President of my credit union had a message on the home screen addressing what happened with those banks and assured us our credit union has no liquidity problems.  USAA should have done this already.

Liquidity Crisis---This is needed ASAP. TY--USAA.