This week I received an email that said you can't deliver Chase credit card statements through USAA bill pay anymore. This wasn't a surprise as a few months ago I had my card replaced and it had a new number. Just changing the number was enough to kick it out of electronic presentment. I called customer service and they had no clue Checkfree (or whatver the vendor's name is now) isn't working with Chase. They gave me a number of useless suggestions. Finally an email to customer service yielded a reply that said you can't get new Chase accounts. This week's email blast confirms that for everyone. USAA your service is rapidly going down hill. Don't spend a lot of time and money on new products and new tools, just give us the old reliable service to which we had grown accustomed. In 23 of 25 years I never had a complaint about the service at USAA, in the past two years I've had to make four complaints. We put our trust in you and you're failing us now. Reverse the slide.



I am sorry to hear about the situation. Could you provide your member information and a detailed response of what you typed above and email it to Thank you.

Its Chase that changed their policy, not USAA
USAA doesn't operate the bill pay service, Fiserv (formerly Checkfree) does. They are the largest electronic presentment and payment vendor in the world. If they can't come to an agreement with Chase to electronically present their bills then I don't need to do business with them or USAA. They need to work together for their mutual customers. There are other cards, and other banks.
Why would anyone continue to be a customer and thereby support any of the banks involved in the 2008 economic meltdown. A different credit card from another bank is not hard to get. Chase...puh-leeze.