We took a loan out from Green Tree Services which is now DiTech Funding some years ago to consolidate debt. It's a bad loan because the principal seemingly never goes down. There is also a balloon payment coming up in a few years. We were clueless when we signed on the dotted line, but I wonder if we were talked into this due to our circumstances at the time. How can I refinance this loan so that it makes sense and is being paid down?




Thank you for posting your question in the Community. We would like the opportunity to address your questions about the refinance of your loan. In order to discuss your options, please contact us at 210-531-USAA (8722). Thank you. -Gus



Get rid of Green Tree (now known as Ditech) ASAP. I dealt with them when my father died a few years ago. My sister and I constantly called and wrote them letters, handling our dad's mortgage.  Green Tree Services had lied over and over, and it's a good thing my sister kept awesome records of all the communications dealing with them.


Your best bet would be to get your mortgage refinanced with someone else. Unfortunately, Green Tree Services is one of the loan servicers that USAA will sell your mortgage loan to.  USAA is a great company, but I would recommend you contact Navy Federal Credit Union or Pentagon Federal Credit Union to inquire about refinancing your mortgage.  Also, ask if your loan would be sold to a loan servicer.  If it would be sold, ask for a list of those loan servicers and just hope that Green Tree is not on that list.  Green Tree Servicers is one of the reasons I did not get my mortgage through USAA.  


My mortgage is with SunTrust Mortgage, Inc (with a VA home loan guarantee) and I have had great service with them.


Hope this helps, and Good Luck!