Tried to use my ATM card last week at branches of Citibank and B of A and at both, the transaction was declined.  Called customer service and taked to Boyd.  Expained my problem and his response was that the system was not showing any problem with ATMs in the city denying access to USAA customers.  In addition, He said that my account did not show that I had tried and failed to eceive cash.   Never had this problem before and asked how my case could be escalated to see if in fact there was a problem.  No can do was his reply.  Been a member for 25 years and the service is on the decline.  Sad.  Tried again today adn was declined at another branch.    


WWCTP1, thank you so much for your longtime membership. I'm sorry to hear that you're having some trouble using your card at various ATMs, but even more-so of your service experience. This is never how we want any of our members to feel after speaking with us. I've submitted the details you've provided to the appropriate team for review. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience. ~Holland

Much ado about nothing olland.  I realized today that I was using my credit card and not my ATM debit card.  How can I delete my blog?