For 4 years now I have been trying to get my money back. While stationed overseas, I started an allotment to what I thought at the time was my account. Come to find out my member number was the same as someone else account number and my allotment was going to that person account instead of mine. After 7 months of continuous deposit in that account, I went to check my balance and was told of the error. I then asked what I needed to do to get my money back and was told to send a letter of indemnification with all the informations which I did. It is been almost 4 years and I still havent gotten my money back... every 2 weeks or so, i send the letter to get someone to take a look of my case and still nothing is being done to solve it.... very frustrated.... no help from usaa part


@elscris, This is very concerning and I will forward your message to the appropriate area to look into this matter. 

Thank you. ~ Lori C