I received a notice that there is a garnishment on my account and I have questions.  Me and my husband have separate accounts and then a joint account.  We had our stimulus deposited into our joint account and the entire amount is being held.  On my personal account there is another $1300 that shows is on hold.  This has been same status for about a month.  How long will it be before the money is actually taken from my accounts?  While I don't agree with USAA allowing our stimulus to be garnished, I am not disputing the validity of the garnishment.  This was in regards to a Home Depot card that my ex husband charged items on and I assumed he was taking care of the bill.  I was served to appear in 2011 and when the court date came, my dad had passed and I was out of state.  I obviously didn't even think about it and now 9 years later they have garnished.  I just want to know when the funds will be removed from my account.


@Mandy's Checking, Thank you for reaching out and sorry to hear this is happening! I would recommend locating your paperwork for the Writ of Garnishment and calling the numbers there for any questions. If you cannot locate your paperwork please call 210-531-8722. Good luck and take care!  ~Tom


  Check the rules for garnishing on the stimulus.  If I remember correctly I believe that there are very few garnishment items that are allowed under the stimulus and USAA should know what is and what is not allowed.    


   I would also check on the validity of coming after debt after 9 years - every state has a different statue of limitations.  But it starts over ANY TIME you have a conversation with them about it.  


   I need to update - that added back in that private debt collectors can garnish the stimulus.    Sorry.