I was wondering if anyone at USAA can give us an update on how soon it will begin supporting the Garmin Pay system with our USAA accounts? The Garmin pay devices are becoming widespread and the payment system is just as good as the others.




@LC-17, That is a great question. There have been no updates in regards to Garmin Pay. If we do start supporting it, this is where you will hear it first. ~ Suzy (= 

Thanks Suzy

I would love to see USAA add Garmin Pay! 


Garmin Fenix5

Thank you for this feedback @Aero104. I will get it forwarded to the proper department for review. -Colleen

Is there any update on when USAA will be supporting Garmin Pay?


Thank you for reaching out to us today @LC-17. We have shared your feedback with the appropriate area, as of  now there are currently no changes taking place. Please continue to check back for more details. Thank you. -Emily 

Please add Garmin pay. Thanks

Hello and thank you for taking the time to share your interest in us adding Garmin Pay. We will forward your request to the appropriate department for future consideration. Thank you for contacting us. 

Yes, Please begin supporting Garmin Pay. It would make my life substantially more convenient. Garmin Watches are way better than Android wear for fitness so thats what I have on me all the time.