Over the last 3 weeks I have spent literally hours on the phone with USAA to find out 1. Why they would cash not one, but 6 counterfeit checks on our account. Clearly they do not have a good recognition software in place much less an actual human randomly scanning things. Checks were not even close to a USAA check and idiots wrote check to themselves and signed it in their name. Mobile deposits into their accounts and USAA says "I understand your frustration. We'll look into it." Next up we get NSF charges because of the fraudulent checks. That was a fight in itself to get returned. After 2 weeks, a new checking/bill pay account we THINK things are over. Nope! All goes well for a few days and try to use new debit card for gas/groceries. Merchant shows Insufficient Funds. Another call to USAA. "Your accounts have been frozen"; yet cannot give me a reason why, but they're looking into it. Ya right. I get lies from representatives, excuses and no notes taken on the issues. The MEMBER RESOLUTION TEAM is a total joke! They need to start by removing the word RESOLUTION from their department, because the only resolution is that I have resolved to remove all 13 of my accounts from them and advised all 6 of our children and their families to follow suit. WTH USAA???  You don't deserve to be called a financial institution.  

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I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

You guys in "USAA Social Service" are just playing whack a mole.  You try to placate the members with the right words but the problem is NOTHING EVER GETS FIXED.  I sure am glad I left USAA after 51 years.