I will be purchasing a home soon. I have my teens account under my name. Will this have a positive/negative affect as far as being approved? Thank you!


Hi @Grace2020, any account on your credit report can have an affect on the approval. We will not know what affect until we pull and review a credit report. You can start a pre-qualification that is good for 90 days online or by contacting one of our licensed loan officers at 800-531-0341. Thank you!

@ Get a quote froom USAA, but I highly recommend Better.com.  We used them for our home purchaser earlier this year, and I was very pleased with the rates and the process.  we used Churchill last time, and they were a little too cumbersome for my taste.  Please note that no matter who you use, they will more than likely sell your paper, so your loan will end up at another bank. Annoying, but the nature of the market at present.