I am a federal employee on non pay status still going to work because I have to; even though Im not being paid. I came to USAA for assistance and they turned me away saying basically I dont count for help and then trying to sale me on refinancing my autoloan. Every other bank is assisting federal employees but not my own. Its time I start searching for a new financial institution because this is not right. Very disappointed


We are sorry to hear you are disappointed and would hate to see you leave @T231, I will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team. -Colleen

I called USAA today about the 0% loan for affeceted employees like me (DHS Law Enforcement) and they said they are only helping the Coast Guard (also DHS).  I called Navy Federal and they said it would not be a problem if I had my pay deposited there before the shutdown.  I guess I know where I am moving my business in the future.  This was the moment for USAA to show that they do care about their "Members" but they really dropped the ball.  From reading these forums I bet their membership will take a hit when this is over.

@HSI_AGENT 72, thank you for this information and we will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team. -Colleen

what a shame

Just got a call from a friend who works at a local bank offering 0% short term loans to ALL federal employees, it's say USAA isn't willing to help Federal Employees, even though the majority of us who bank here are Veterans. Looks like I'll be changing banks shortly as well.

that's unfortunate. guess i won't even bother to ask what being a fed and a veteran gets me, huh? i'll just start the paperwork to roll my direct deposit to another institution for when funding is restored.

@cisa2018, we're sorry to hear of your disappointment. We'll forward your feedback to the appropriate area. -Cynthia  

USAA has had almost a month to come up with a policy that responds appropriately to its furloughed members' needs. Merely saying that complaints are being referred to the "appropriate" department is pretty discouraging.

USAA explains their total lack of support for their loyal customers who are federal employees with this:


"Because of the way that the federal law is written, only military members are guaranteed, as a group, to be repaid for the period during a shutdown. Other government employees are not automatically in a "guaranteed to be repaid" status. Therefore, a payroll advance loan would not be appropriate."


However, the President signed the pay guarantee bill for federal employees currently furloughed...so, what's the excuse now?  And what about the USCG Retirees who will not be paid next week?


Can not describe how disappointed I am in USAA's poor pperformance in this situation; and how quickly I will switch bankiing when this is all done, unless USAA get's a clue.