Funds on Hold

For years I've placed transfers (pulling funds from an external accounts into USAA).  These funds would always be available immediately.

Now I get a message that there is a 5 business day hold on these funds.  I can not get anyone from USAA to tell me why this is now happening.  Additionally, no one from USAA can direct me the the printed policy referring to this subject.


Any feedback is appreciatted.

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Wouldn't expect too much. They'll just refer you the document below and call it a day.


Don't know where they pulled the 5 business day hold, but you might want to check p.20 of their Depository Agreement and Disclosures.




Good luck.

@ATLATC, Thanks for taking the time to post. I also understand your concern about the hold on your deposit. I've forwarded this matter to the appropriate area for further review and handling. - Ben