I'm considering replacing my scanner with a FijitsuScanSnap iX500 and a Mac running OS X El Capain.

Can I expect this to work with Deposit @ Home.  Any issue?


Thanks in advance


Hi SierraMike,


I haven't heard of any issues with this type of scanner, but just to be sure, I have passed this along to our Deposit@ Home experts. I will post here as soon as I hear back. Thanks!



I did hear back from the bank, and they have advised me to have you call in into our Website Customer Support at 1-877-632-3002 for further assistance. There is no mention of specific system requirements needed to use Deposit@Home, but just to make sure before you make this purchase. Thanks!

Thanks for checking.  I checked with Website Customer Support prior to posting in this community forum.

They didn't have an answer, so I posted here in the hope of hearing an account of a member's personal experience with this configuration.

I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 which I use with "Paperless."  It took some time to find the correct settings to use with Deposit @ Home, but once I found those settings and saved them, it's been no problem.  Actually reading the directions that USAA posts for Deposit @ Home is what made the difference -- it turns out that I didn't really know the correct way to do it, I just assumed that I did.  Once I followed their directions to set up the scanner and saved the profile, it worked perfectly.


Thank you for sharing, VickiK!

Thanks Vicki,

  I ordered my scanner this morning and am expecting great results.

I appreciate your response.