So, yet again USAA has put a hold on my money. In the end I'll have to spend more than I would have had I had access to MY money when I deposited it. I've been depositing checks from this company for over a year without a problem, from their end. My initial post got a little attention from the executive office including a phone call saying they would review my account and follow up with me which never happened. So either I have to call them or my account wasn't important enough???


At a few ups mail stores you can bring your USAA card in and they will scan your check upload it give it back to you and it will post immediately. Calk and see if any ups stores in your area do tge deposits
Being able to deposit via an UPS store is pretty recent. Originally USAA only had two options; mobile@home and snail mail.

Are you suggesting that if a deposit is made using the UPS store option, there would have been no hold placed?

What's the point in having complete Internet banking if you have to visit a local UPS store?
That's the only form of deposit USAA will let me use right now. I refuse to mail my check to them.

Thank you all for your comments. Our bank team is currently looking into this and will be reaching out directly. Thank you, Happy Holidays.