Frustrated and disappointed with credit card dispute process

So I am at my wits end here. Back in April I made a payment to a business with my USAA credit card. A week after making that payment I received a bill from this company. I called them, advising them I’d made the payment and it had come out of my account. They stated a payment had been collected but it wasn’t applied to my wife’s account. I asked them where it was applied they couldn’t tell me. Spoke to a supervisor and they said they would mail me a letter showing me where it went. Fast forward a little more then a month, no letter and now bill has been sent to collections. Called USAA and agent opened up a dispute. A few weeks later I get notified that the dispute was being closed and they were siding with the business. I called USAA and was told that the company couldn’t even tell them where the money had gone but because I had done business with them it was legit. I asked the rep if I could speak to he department or person handling this investigation and the best he could do was send a message asking them to call me. I’ve yet to receive a call, I’m out $600, and the bills the money was suppose to pay are being sent to collections. I’m not sure what else to do now. 


Oh no @Falloutmedic, I do regret to hear of this experience as that is certainly not how we want our members to feel. I was able to locate your profile and will engage a subject matter expert for further review. Once review, they will contact you. We appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily