Frustrated…after 22 years as a member, beyond disappointed with lack of customer service.

After just spending almost an hour and a half, we were told by USAA to use social media to complain. My husband and I received several emails about a credit card promotion and spent just over $500 to qualify. After waiting the 90 days to see the promo, it didn’t appear. Six USAA reps later and time lost, we evidently misunderstood the fine print. We were short by just about $14  because we purchased a cash equivalency. I googled what that meant and the first two pages of entries talked about cash equivalencies….assets that could be liquidated in a short period of time, I was thinking crypto, bitcoin and NTF’s. Imagine my surprise when they said the one gift card we purchased disqualified us and there was nothing they could do. Beyond frustrated. I looked at several other credit cards I use and their statements and disclosures….every one specially said gift cards. I feel like USAA purposely made it difficult to understand. So Disappointed! I remember when USAA cared about their members.  

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I think I'm at 38 or 39 years as a member, but beginning a couple of years ago we canceled our home and auto insurance, closed and/or severely decreased the amounts in our various accounts, and stopped using our USAA credit card. The proximate reason for this was the largely anti-American activist path USAA chose to pursue, trying to be like so many other elite mega-corporations. Disregarding that, however, USAA has gone from the premier financial and insurance company with unquestioned integrity to some fly-by-night bait and switch operation that combines deceitful practices with awful customer service- as if their corporate strategy is to fleece their customer base then frustrate them into giving up. USAA reminds me of the scene in the movie Fargo, where the con-man car dealer charged $500 for mythical undercoating that was never even ordered by the client, then pretended to talk to the manager and came back smiling: "Good news, we can knock $25 off the cost!"

Yes indeed! Agree to all you stated. USAA was a great organization several decades ago. Now, filled with politics, associations with big liberal companies and swaying to low lying organizations. Leadership with the current CEO Wayne Peacock reveals that he can not lead this company. USAA has fallen down deep into a world class operation to a third world country class operation. They simply stink now.

@Nythngbtjenny, thank you for reaching out. I understand that you have concerns about the terms of a promotional offer, and I'm sorry for the frustration caused by the reference to cash equivalents. We never want to disappoint our members, especially those who have been loyal to us for over 20 years. I was able to locate your USAA profile, and I'm sharing your concerns with the appropriate folks at USAA. We'll conduct a thorough review of the situation. ~DC

Talk is so cheap from you USAA!