Frozen bank account and no answers

Our account got locked 4 days ago now and we have provided all necessary documents. We have called 5 times now and no one can fix our account, we just have to wait for a mystery fraud department to fix it. We are stationed overseas, away from family who could help us through this. We've had bills bounce and now we owe fees on top of the bills we have to pay. What we did wrong? Trying to buy something that was less than $200. Is that all it takes for it to be suspicious? Or is it because we are stationed overseas and buying something outside of the US?

We stayed up until midnight so we could call in, we were told that they could see we submitted all the documents needed days ago but we don't know why your account is still locked. Don't worry because it'll only take another couple of days! Oh if it isn't fixed by then? Well we still won't be able to do anything but "put you to the front of the line". So basically USAA is holding our money, causing bounced bills, and we are just getting told "it'll only be a couple more days, but if it's not, that's too bad, wait some more. You don't need your money, who buys groceries or pays bills anyways." Is this how USAA treats their active duty service members?
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I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason

I don't think you do, is USAA going to reimburse us for the fees of our bills bouncing?

Post a concern on the BBB - USAA always jumps on those concerns because they are being monitored. I know that when I have hit my head against the wall trying to get something done at USAA, posting on the BBB website has moved the process along a bit faster.