Does USAA offer a way to check your actual FICO credit score? I've heard other banks offer this, but can't find anything on your site that indicates that USAA has anything like this.



Hello @Jack-O. If there are not any credit card products with USAA your FICO score will now show online. You are able to go to to receive a free credit report from each of the bureaus once per year. -Colleen

Colleen . . . my credit card and FICO Score updated on 8/31/2020 but hadn't previously updated since 5/31/2020.

The FREE credit reports DO NOT report your score, FYI.

@Nat20148, yes, that is correct. The free credit report will not include a FICO score. However, because a FICO score is based on the information in a credit report, it is important to make sure that the credit report information is accurate. ~DC