My and my daughter was hacked into Aug of 2020. We still haven't heard anything from USSA fraud dept except that my daughter was involved. Even though she was trying to save for a down payment for a house for her and her child and was working full time and the incident happened across the country away from where we at. USSA still sends me statements every month on my acct that I have funds in but I can't retrieve it for the last almost two years. They closed all of my daughter's accts. She even hired a lawyer and they won't respond to the lawyer. I feel like my husband served this country of ours and this is how they repay us. So why does Ussa sends us statements for something I can't use. I even had a college fund acct for my grand daughter and we can't do nothing with it cause we only get statements and that's it. I feel like this was an inside job and they trying to ignore the fact that they owe my daughter over $4000.00 and my little 767.00. I have tried what I know what to do but this shouldn't happen to the customers of USSA. I'm not mad, but I really feel like this is very wrong for USSA to treat us like we're not the victim.
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Hi everyone,
I've been a USAA member for 25 years. Two weeks ago I was scammed during a job hire because someone had altered the checks I was to use for work equipment. I deposited through the app and only spent what was available. The app didn't detect that they had been altered but I have spoken with the fraud team, executive assurance teams and numerous techs. Even spoke to a manager, after multiple requests. My only source of income is my army disability. USAA took every penny as soon as it was direct deposited. My account is still $1800 in the negative and all the help I've received is that it's my fault and I'm responsible!? So, this wonderful military friendly bank didn't care about the fact that I couldn't pay any of my bills or even purchase groceries and gave me no other options. I would NOT advise anyone to trust an institution that, on their home page says they will help you with every stage of life, is uncaring, unconcerned and callous enough to not allow a single portion of my disability to be available. That's even after I told them I would pay for it but could there be a payment plan? They truly only care for your money. Please spread this story to people that you don't want to see taken advantage of by USAA.
Good luck if you stay. The last 5 years have gotten continuously worse.
Technically I cannot help you but I can tell you that I've had a couple of four cases and USAA was Superior and handling them. They don't happened on our timetable though tables though. They do thorough investigations, usually halfway through to let me know that they're still working on it but I've never ever had an issue and always had everything resolved. I hope that you're able to get this ironed out as quickly as possible. Good luck.