Fraud victim, no help from USAA Chat Customer Service


I have been a long time member of USAA, and have always been very proud of my membership, as I come from a family with extensive military service, all the way back to the Revolutionary War! However, when I was very recently the victim of identity theft via another financial institution, USAA was completely unsympathetic and instead chose to have me "jump through hoops" to get my issue resolved.

Someone hacked their way into my credit card account at another financial institution, where they proceeded to change my mailing address and have a duplicate of my card created and sent to them at the phony new address. They also attempted to use the other financial institutions' online payment system to withdraw a large sum of money from my USAA checking account to use as a payment on my credit card information they had stolen, so they could spend MORE of my money they were trying to steal. My account with USAA became overdrawn and I was assessed an NSF fee by USAA.

When I contacted USAA to explain what had happened, the representative refused to reverse the NSF fee for the unauthorized transaction until I "fill out some forms and wait for an investigation into the matter."

It seems to me that collecting NSF fees, even when they are the result of fraudulent activity on my account, is much more important to USAA than taking care of their members and helping resolve an unfortunate situation.

USAA will lose a member/customer over this matter. I recommend that others consider leaving as well for a more understanding financial institution.


@roguejeff, thank you so much for your long time membership. We truly appreciate you and your family. I am sorry to hear of your experience and this is not the way we want our members to feel. I have located your information and will have your concerns forwarded to a subject matter expert for further review. ~ Sam  

I also had an unauthorized charge of $997. Have been fighting to get money back over 1 year still no luck. I provided documentation and was told to resolve issue with the merchant who has openly admitted to refunding the money and I never received refund. USAA did not protect me after over a year of providing documentation to support my claim. I too will be closing my account as well. I am also a long time member.

USAA has customer service?