We had a weird transaction from a Beachbody pop up in the spring of 2014. I contacted this company and they had no information or anything matching our phone numbers or email addresses. But they said they would look into the unauthorized transactions. It was my mistake for not contacting usaa ASAP. Then our cards expired and we received new ones. Then those cards were caught up in the fraud claims the summer of 2014 so we received new cards again. Then in October 2014 we once again had a charge from Beachbody! Even though our debit card numbers had been changed twice since the last incident. I called usaa this time and they refunded our money, issued a new card, & launched an investigation. During this time I too called Beachbody and they again had nothing matching my phone number or email (the purchase was made online). I just received an email from usaa stating the company provided proof we made a legal purchase and they would be taking the refund back with interest. So I called usaa and the rep I spoke to said that Beachbody confirmed our billing address and shipping so the charge was valid. But we never received anything nor were told what the purchase actually was! It's not hard for anyone to find an address! Especially with all the major companies being hacked. Somehow this Beachbody "company" managed to charge us for whatever even though our card numbers had been changed TWICE in a 6mo period. Now they won't speak to me because I filed a fraud charge! So I again called usaa and was told I needed to file a contention of fraud decision or whatever it's called. I asked how to MAKE SURE Beachbody won't do this again and the lady said they shouldn't since my account was marked as fraud from them! But y'all said it wasn't and somehow they managed to charge us after 2 debit card changes. So usaa will still be taking the refund plus interest and I get labelled a liar and criminal??! We have been usaa members for almost a decade and I've never ever seen anything like this or been treated like I was lying!



I am sorry to hear about your situation. Since you have already contacted a representative could you please email socialmedia@usaa.com with more detail and your member information so that we may have someone look into this situation further? Thank you.

Same thing has happened to me