USAA or community: need advice on how to appeal. The fraud department has denied our fraud claims for grocery store and eyeglass physical point of sale transactions made by a mystery person in the USA. We believe the charges were máde using a mailed replacement atm/debit card for an expired card. We do not know for certain. My husband had the old card with him overseas at the time of the transactions. We did not receive the new card in the mail before he left. We did not activate the new card and nobody has the pin for the old card. We are both out of the country and were not in the country during the time of the charges. The charges are 100 percent fraudulent. We have been members for almost 30 years. The last person I spoke with suggested we had given the card to another person to use. No we did not -we have not had issues like this with USAA before. What is going on?


Hello and thank you for taking the time to share your concern. We will make sure to forward your concern to the appropriate department for further review. TY!

Please update on the situation, so we know how it turned out.

Yesterday we were told to wait 1-2 days.  We submitted a police report.    Knock on wood. 

Did you provide evidence that you were out of the country? By the way, I have had a debit card mailed to us activated as well and know how you feel. Luckily I received it, but a heads up that it was coming and a heads up that it would be mailed activated would have been nice. 

Odd....I've had many, many cards (both credit and debit) mailed to me over 30+ years.  From USAA and other companies.   I've never seen nor heard of an activated card (both credit and debit) sent in the mail.  All cards come with that annoying little sticker that provides activation instructions.   It's true the activation process would be simple to execute unlawfully, but the nefarious little jerk would have to have sensitive information to do so.   USAA moderators: is it possible USAA fouled up this weak?  As for proving you are overseas related to a credit card issue, the last time we went "overseas" (rather than just in Cancun ot Puerto Rico), USAA fouled up on the side of fraud protection.   When we landed at JFK frolic Belgium, as I switched my phone's card from a Europeans to USA card, I found a note from USAA informing me they were deleting that Visa card as I had European transactions on it.   Stopped them immediately with a call.  An angry call!  Doing so would have stranded us in Europe without the means to buy food/gas, hotel rooms, and tourist trash.  And yes, I had notified USAA in advance we would be in various countries (I listed countries we dedn'yt plan too visit in the off chance we might go to unlisted countries.  USAA fouls up very often, but sending activated cards?  Doubt it.  Tchuss!!

Dear @oldesoldier


I appreciate your concern about the activated card. We will review this further. Thank you for sharing. We truly do appreciate the feedback. - Jesse 

Not sure I'll ever convince you, but yes, my wife's debit card was sent through the mail activated already. I knew it was coming because we asked for a new one, but when the card came in, there was no sticker, I went online because like you, I had been used to the sticker to activate and online everything looked like it was activated, so I called USAA. I was told by the customer service rep, that yes we send it activated for your convenience, when I asked if the card was ready to use. I was shocked because I was never led to believe it would come that way. Now maybe they have since changed their ways, but be warned, if you order a replacement card, be sure to check online where you can block or activate your card, because chances are it'll be active. 

Google USAA and Better Business Bureau - file a report with the BBB - at least you will get a response from USAA

Contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  It is a Federal Goverment ( Non-partisan and Non-funded by Congress ) agency.  They are self funded by the fines they recover from buisnesses.  If you are not satisfied with the response / answer from USAA contact them to help you.