Our account was hacked (my terminology) but it's really account takeover and fraud. USAA Fraud Dept has dragged it out and still hasn't reimbursed us for FRAUD! They have blamed us for giving away our credentials. We have been members for over 20 years! I'm extremely disappointed I can't talk to anyone but the first person who answers the phone. It all funnels back to Fraud Dept. I've been told it's under investigation. I haven't received any word. This happened in Dec! Where is the investigation? Closure? Customer Service? This IS FRAUD WASTE and ABUSE for your customer. It's fraud to claim you help and cover such activity, waste of my time, and abuse of power - I can't talk to anyone about this but a service rep. I need management to look at the overall picture and not 3 segmented events of the "hack". I expected more from USAA. I deserve more! Our business will be going elsewhere if this isn't resolved.


Hello @navywife_since97. I am very sorry to hear of this situation. I have located your profile and escalated your concerns for further review. -Colleen

1A.  Use two factor identification (2FA) to login to USAA or ANY account you wish to be super secure.  USAA has the options to be offered.  Use one of them that is convenient for you and can be accessed from wherever you are on the planet. 

1.   Use a Password Manager.  Norton has a free one.  I like Bitwarden.  LastPass is a bit pricey.

2.  Use internet security on your computers and phone.  Again, I like Norton.

3.  Change all your passwords NOW.

4.  Contact any affected accounts of the suspicious activity.

5.  Use a secure messageing on your phone like Signal.  "Messenger" app on your phone is a little leaky.

6.  Use an honest-to-God real end-to-end encrypted email account like ProtonMail.  It's free and there are premium accounts, also.

5.  I'm tired of responding.  All of this is really basic info from last century.