My wife and I will be terminating our ties with USAA due to the negligence of the Fraud Dept to successfully investigate a cyber crime that took 3k from our account. We were never given the courtesy to provide evidence of this crime, but they provided evidence of the crime with an insignifcant summary, which included a non-functioning IP address, a number of the merchant (Square Cash, also know as Cash App), and email address and their advice was to contact the merchant and ask for a refund.


So i did just that and the lasy, who's name is on the report, had no idea what was going on, how she got her account (Cash App) closed, and even sent information that shows her account was hacked into by a Cash App repersentative. So it was obvious Fraud Dept did not do a thourough investigation, did not contact tghe merchant, and seemed to pull this summary of the digital footprint from the cyber/ IT Dept without understanding what they were sending. I have worked as a Cyber Security technician in the Air Force and well aware of the information they sent and it doesn't show anything that explained the fraud was of our knowledge. They still took the money out of our account, never called back after requesting 2 additional investigations to be open, and refuse to accpet any evidence that points to a cyber crime.


I will be emailing the CEO of USAA ASAP, because for USAA to claim they support their service members, it doesn't feel like it!! We have been members for over 17 yrs!!!


Does anyone have any advice?


@MrNew, I'm sorry to hear of this experience you had with us and thank you for your 17 years of membership. I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah

@MrNew, Nothing new about USAA's inability to effectively investigate such matters. You'd think that leadership would have learned their lessons from their recent past. Looks like they still have a lot of work to do.

I have been dealing with internal USAA insurance fraud since May.  I have been issued 6 credit cards since May and before they get to me they are already fraud.  I have worked my "tail off" trying to get resoultion!!!!  Again, "I" have made all the calls with NO return phone calls even after speaking to the Office of the CEO, John Panserella (sp?)  He won't even return my calls.  The only answer I get is that, " it's not your bill" and "we are so very sorry and hope to not have this happen again for you or any others."  I have incurred late fees due to 6 CC changes affiliated with automatin payments and tyring to keep up before bills process.


I am DONE and will be cancelling all products with USSA that we have retained for 28 years.  My loyalty is not worth anything to this company...

Change to another financial institution.


USAA used to provide customer service. Last time I called (7 days ago) the "Mananagement Representative" let slip she didn't even work for USAA. She was a contractor with a BIG and NEGATIVE attitude.


I trusted USAA for over 40 years. Now I am moving my financial transactions to other financial institutes.


I have lost trust, faith and confidence in USAA financial services. Even the new ceo has yet to chart a new course.


I'm pulling my money out of USAA-suggest you do the same.

@Been there Done That, 

Your concerns are important to us and we never want our members to feel this way or have the types of experience with our service that makes you consider leaving. 

I will share your message with our Subject Matter Expert to review. Your membership is valued and we appreciate the opportunity to know your concerns, so we can improve. Thank you!

 ~ Lori C

@Been there done that,
Pulled all my finances out of USAA back in mid-late 2017. Even closed a couple of credit cards that I had with them for over 30yrs, because what they did on my credit. Initiated a change without telling me. Equifax was on top of it and notified me. USAA played dumb even after I went through the paper process to have them investigate it. Better returns, protection and service at my credit union and Vanguard for me and my family. 😊

USAA CSR: No need to up channel. Just providing feedback to a fellow member.