For some time I have noticed changes at USAA that concerned me. This month, USAA has made a decision and now I have decided. No downloading of .QFX files directly, means no more banking with USAA for me. I have tried to find the reasons for terminating a capability that nearly all banks and credit unions provide (and USAA provided for more than a decade), but I cannot. I don't know if is a web page department decision or a thoroughly vetted, managed plan, but it smacks of "my way or the highway" and I choose the highway. Their decision results in more work for me to manage my finances using the tools I have purchased, so I will find a bank that provides customer choice rather than force me to use a company of their choosing.

I feel the need to post because of the volume of people (family, friends, and co-workers) I have sent to USAA over my 21+ year membership. Those that I can reach, I will explain my current belief: USAA has grown and changed, and it is mostly not for the better. Now I must go price car and homeowners insurance for the first time in 21 years.


@Mainer2, This is concerning to see you're considering leaving us after 21+ years.


Your feedback is important to us, this allows us to better understand what is important to our members. 


We do offer Direct Connect to download your bank activity. Select "I want to..." from your account page and click "Download Account Activity"

If any additional assistance is needed, our Website Support Team can be reached at 210-531-8722 "Technical Support"


I will forward your message to the appropriate area and also encourage you to send via the Feedback tab located on the right side of each of our webpages. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you over the years and for your feedback. 


~ Lori C



Nothing personal, but your reply confirms all I said above. Your solution is to recommend the very thing I'm saying is the final straw. I do not wish to get my data through Quicken Direct Connect, an outside company that I will not do business with.


And I have spoken with your "Website Support Team" and they have no answers as to why they turned off a long-time service with no warning. They also direct me to Direct Connect. I cannot get my message through, or if it is getting through, no one really knows or cares.


All of my recent interactions with USAA banking lead me to believe there has been a sea change in your corporate culture, and that it is a change I cannot support or tolerate any longer.


Love the "customer choice rather than force"  remark.

I haven't been a customer for nearly this long but have suffered quite a few very large EFF YEWs from USAA so far.  I have noticed that any message left here generally gets you a response of "We are so sorry you don't like {whatever it is} we try to do the most we can!" and the "most we can do" is the big ol' "so? EFF YEW".


I still can't turn off daily text notifications after two years from certain site features. Still.  Even after 9 months of developers working on it. 

I have used the _same_ device for web access to USAA since I joined, yet on a quarterly basis I have to go through this insanely stupid ritual of text messages to my phone for login, _then_ even after answering "remember my device" at the login, you still have to go into your profile and re-save all the settings (that are already present) about security because ... well, USAA just doesn't care enough to look into fixing the myriad of things that are broken, and they _sure_ can't explain any of it. 

Try asking any level of support if they even know what browser cookie they use to store information.


Don't even get me started with thier "tools".


Just hope they don't take away CSV downloads -- that's about the last useful feature of the website.


Yea.  Like they care.

@WatchOut123, Sorry to hear of the frustration. This is not how we would ever want your experience to be with USAA. I am forwarding your concerns again as well. Thank you for reaching out and take care  ~Tom

There are .csv downloads?  That's news to me.  Please tell me where they are found.


As for "why."  Obviously, USAA cut a deal with Quicken.  Probably has a nondisclosure clause so they can't even tell their members. 


If "Lori" is sorry about losing a 21 year member, I wonder how she would feel about a 45 year member.  Oh I can just see the tears.

You can get .csv file by clicking the "I Want to..." link at the top of the transaction ledger page for your card/account.  Then pick the "Export" option. 


I've been working on an automated .csv to .qif conversion.  It's working enough to tide me over until I can close my accounts.

Charlie, USAA has seen a lot of long time members leave but not flinched. They know it's part of the business model. You get some and you lose some. No big deal for a large organization like USAA.

USAF_Ret is correct.  USAA doesn't care about small fry like me.


I'm an adult, and I have options, so I'm not more distressed with this than I was with the end of the brokerage service.


But the lack of notice was quite inconvenient, and the insincerity of staff involved with this is truly galling.  Almost as bad as dealing with the cable company.