Forced to answer questions about our accounts usage or our app access would be suspended?

How many of you have received notification via the app that 'it is urgent that you answer these questions or your access will be suspended'?  I was blown away by the personal questions about how we use our checking accounts, who do we pay and how often, how much are we worth, etc...Is this the new world order taking over our lives and our finances? What business does USAA have asking us how we spend our money? I am absolutely disgusted with USAA invading our privacy and threatening to suspend our phone/app access to our account if we do not comply. Are we in a democracy or communism?

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They keep singing the same old song and dance about Federal Regulations and banking security act. It's all BS. I moved all my money out of USAA to Randolff Brooks Federal Credit Union. RBFCU had Absolutly NO interrogations as to my net worth and how I spend my money. Somebody at USAA is a liar and no one wants to admit it that USAA is a sinking ship, The powers that be don't give a d@mn about their members and their actions speak volumes exactly how they feel about their member or else they would be groveling at our feet begging us to stay and changetheir ways. You will be treated with much more respect and degnity elsewhere. I don't regret my decision.

@mackiecat4, we are sorry to read your post.  This certainly is not how we want our members to feel.  We will ensure this is reviewed by the appropriate area. ~JD

I deal with four banks in addition to USAA, none of them has ever asked me the kinds of questions that members are describing here.

My bank didn't go into the kind of detail that USAA seems to be doing. I read the canned info provided by the CSR and it mainly says for banks to use due deligence obtaining information.

You might want to read the following article:

@memberAZ, I certainly understand your concerns and strong feelings regarding the questionnaire. Federal regulations require that USAA understand certain things about its members. These questions will aid in determining the expected activity and use of an account to ensure USAA is meeting regulatory requirements and serving members with excellence. In compliance with the USA PATRIOT Act and Bank Secrecy Act, all banks are required to identify their customers and know their intended banking activities. USAA is committed to complying with federal law.  I was able to locate your profile and will be forwarding your concerns for further review. Thank you. - Robyn

In the many decades we have been USAA members, we have never seen such a blatant invasion of our privacy. We have not applied for any loans, asked for any services from you, nothing. We simply and transparently use our checking accounts as any normal customer would. To threaten a customer with suspension for non-compliance is absolutely disgraceful and insulting. 

USAA continues to slap "members" in the face. Killing the customers that enabled USAA to exist is customer sevice? Stop it!