Forced to Answer Questions

Who do you think you are USAA? You threaten to cut off access to MY MONEY if I don’t answer your Zelle questions! You people have ruined this company!! It used to be about providing officers with low rates. Now it’s big business and your arrogance comes through loud and clear!!!
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You can safely ignore the claims that USAA is required by law to be Gestapo-like intrusive.  No other bank is like that.


You can also ignore USAA Social Media's claims that they will have someone look into your issue and get back to you.  USAA will do nothing.


USAA has started going overboard with these Gestapo-like tactics recently as part of their Security Theater plan.  Not only will they ask about how you intend to use Zelle, but also they will ultimately ask your income and your net worth with threats of account closure if you do not reply.  Then, when you do reply, they will likely demand you provide a couple of years of tax returns within two weeks or face account closures.  


Were anybody in my unit to lie to me, they would quickly face non-judicial punishment or even a court-martial.  USAA, though, lately has done nothing but lie with impunity.  I have actually spoken with members of the Senate Banking Committee, with the OCC and also FinCEN.  USAA's approach is extremely heavy-handed and can actually meet KYC and AML requirements in a much less intrusive manner.  

@Mike Riley, thank you for reaching out. I regret to hear of the frustration these questions have caused. Federal regulations, including the USA PATRIOT Act and Bank Secrecy Act,  require that USAA understand certain things about its members and how the account will be used. These laws are designed to help protect the U.S. financial system as well as to protect our members and USAA. I have escalated your concerns regarding this matter. Thank you. - Robyn