First Sergeant is Signing Out Of USAA

I have CLOSED out the following USAA accounts. Once I receive my last direct deposit, I will close the checking account and no longer do business with USAA.


- Homeowners Rental Property Insurance

- Auto Insurance

- Mortgage- refinanced my loan with a different company

- Credit Card

- Disassociated all of my connected external accounts


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Your experience is not uncommon unfortunately, I now bank primarily elsewhere. I discovered that another company was much lower on my car insurance after more than 30 years of believing they were unbeatable. Next to go will be the homeowners, I just signed with State Farm for a vacation property. USAA costs for executive salaries are at an all time high. They also spend a fortune on advertising nationwide, when their market is a limited audience that is well aware of what they offer.


I signed with State Farm too. They beat USAA rates for my property insurance and automobile.

I don't blame you. USAA has turned their back on us.

Yes, they have. I feel exploited.

@1SGBUZZ, sorry to hear you are not having a good experience. Can you share some details of what has happened? Thank you. -Cynthia