Fire the CEO and the rest of his cronies

First they removed wealth management services, then business banking, and now brokerage services. Now we are left with a tepid basic banking service with poor execution. What is the plan here C-Suite?


Can you tell me why we need to be spending so much money advertising and sponsoring football commercials for an organization that is for military members only? Instead of paying for Gronkowski to get another house, how about you up that joke of a suscribers distribution or "dividend" as you like to call it when in fact it's just a rebate. You're wasting the funds so you can probably take your buddies to football games on private jets. FIRE the entire management team now!


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You are right. Spending on marketing is excessive and ridiculous. Just got my SSA notice....incredibly disappointing. STOP WASTING MONEY ON TV!
I’m starting to agree. I love that they’re casually not even “deciding” on dividends yet, when normally this is wrapped up by now. Where’s my money?

Hello @Smartypants7217, certainly understand your concerns about USAA's distributions.  We are awaiting confirmation from our Board of Directors for approval of the 2021 disbursement. Notifications will be sent out to our eligible members, please continue to review your preferred account for distribution as well as your inbox for USAA correspondence.  Thank you for your continued patience and membership with USAA.  ~Marco

This is very troubling to read, @TravelDaddy. We wouldn't want any member to feel this way. I would like to engage the appropriate area for further review and support on this. Can you private message us an email address or phone number so we may proceed in so doing? ~ Steven

By all means, let's move this sort of troubling discussion OUT of USAA membership view and keep it private in the appropriate area where no other member can be contaminated by it.