Got it, How do I download my memos older than 90 days ago?

@SeattleRN, at this time, there is not a way to view transfer activity past 90 days online, other than statements. If additional information is needed, you may contact a specialist at 800-531-8722, for further research. Thank you, Tricia


Memos are useless hidden 3 screens away from the account they happened in. Please fix this. 

@3Bigfoot, It has been a long time since this topic of discussion was presented to us. We have forwarded feedback in regards to subject and I will be sure to forward yours as well. Future systems may be created based on this feedback however currently there is not a time frame or confirmed plan to advise you of. If the memo is needed for record keeping, the transfer history can be downloaded and placed in files. I know for some it is not ideal however if you are taking the time to place a memo this would be the only option currently to keep those memo records beyond the 90 days our system currently does. Thank you for being part of the conversation. Your opinion and membership are valuable. ~ Suzy

Hello and thank you for your inquiry. To assist you and set expectations for your inquiry please contact our Website Support Team at 877-632-3003 for assistance. They are available 7 days a week during the business hours of  6 a.m. to midnight CT. Thank you!