Update for 2016: all transfer memos (scheduled and non) are in the activities view of transfers, as Braxtonator explained. The 2014 comments about only 1 type being visible no longer apply, but knowing to look in the transfer activity rather than in account activity or on a statement is still a little elusive- but it does work, even on the mobile app!

This remains an issue, as only three months of tranfers show in the "Transfer Activity" page and the memos that I have painstakingly entered for years don't show up under any of the regular methods of reviewing bank activity. This should be part of the record that shows up when you click on a transfer in the regular account view! 

cycle61, we do provide the past 90 days of transfer history online. I understand this is something you would like to have listed within the account activity page and I will make sure this feedback is forwarded. Feedback is constantly being reviewed and taken into consideration when changes are made. Thanks for taking the time to let us know this is something you would prefer. -Marisa

The "Memo" for FUNDS TRANSFERS should show up in the Transaction History, at the very least, when one clicks the "+" button to view "Additional Details". This is the way it works at different banks.


When an account owner is reviewing their transaction history, and they see a "FUNDS TRANSFER" item, and they want to remember exactly what was the purpose of the transfer, they should be able to view the "Additional Details" and see the "Memo" they attached to the transfer when they made the transfer. THAT IS WHAT A MEMO IS FOR!


I'm surprised it takes such incredible genuis of a developer to figure out the purpose and function of a "FUNDS TRANSFER "Memo"! After all these years, this is still an outstanding issue! WOW!

gruuvin - We appreciate the feedback. You comments have been shared. You can view Transfer Memos in the transfer history. Keep in mind a memo can only be placed on one time transfers and not recurring. Your comments have been shared and will help us improve future service. - Jason

I have a HSA for my health care with another bank. Transaction memos are show on my statements. It is great!

USAA, if you provide 90 days of transfer activity online, I assume there is a non-online option for being able to review past transfers. Could you please inform us how we can review our full transfer history with notes?

Sofa, at this time, there is not a way to view transfer activity past the 90 days, other than statements. To help keep track of the transfers, you may use our money manager tool to assist or we are happy to send out registers for the account as well.  ~Jen

Am I understanding this correctly?  I have been entering memos for months about what my transfers are for and now I am going back to piece my transactions together and I can only look at 90 days back?  Are all my notations lost forever?  Is there any way to retrieve them or generate a list somewhere?  If this is the case, I am astounded!!  I can not believe that is true.  Why in the world would you make a provision for a memo if you can't go back and look at it?  It's going to take me forever to figure all of this out without my memos!

GR82, we are able to do research for transfer details past 90 days. Please call us at 1-800-531-8722 so we may discuss what options we have to help you get the information you're looking for. - Janay