Everytime I've transfered money, I've entered notes in the memos so I know where the money is going.  When I look at the transactions, I don't see the memo at all.  I've also downloaded them onto excel and I can't see it.




I have the same question. 

+1 more person with this question. For clarification, I have looked under basic account info and monthly PDF statements to try to find these elusively disappearing memos.


EDIT:  Found it! On the main navigation toolbar, click "My Account Tools". Look for "Transfers". Under "Transfers", look for "View Transfer Activity" and click it. A list of transfers should show up, and in the first column titled "type", there should be an option of "Details". Click this, and one of the details displayed is the optional memo.


The only downside I see now is that the history of the transfers seems incomplete. Mine only lists one (seemlingly) random transfer from a few months ago even though there are both more recent and older transfers.




I have been reading your posts. Thank you for your feedback. I am thrilled you were able to find something, The Braxtonater, good job! I have passed this to the appropriate department so that we can get to the bottom of it for you. 


In the meantime, please email your member number and concerns to [expired email] and someone can look into it further for you. 



Any update?  This is quite frustrating.  There is no reason to put anything in the memo if you are unable to view/retrieve it later.  The specified path that the Braxtonater mentioned only directs you to automatic transfers that have been previously setup.  What is needed is just the memo on the bottom of transaction in your checking account tab (when you click on details of each transaction, it should be right there).


Norse Timmy, 

Please email [expired email] with your issue or click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information. That alerts the process to get started so that we can bring attention back to this topic and perhaps get this solved for you. Thank you! 

Braxtonater did not answer the question  - what is the solution?

Any answer on how to get memos from past funds transfers (up to 13 months ago)?

-click the My Account Tools Tab

-click on View Transfer Acivity


I emailed USAA about this years ago. A member should be able to access this information easily and that is not the case. Given the recent regulatory changes on the number of Savings withdrawals per month, clarity of the transactional data should be of utmost importance. Can we please ask that this information be elevated to at least the drill-in menu of the transaction?