Where do I find basic information regarding the transfer of IRA's and Mutual Fund accounts to Victory Capital.  i.e. How do I access them, on USAA or Victory.  How and where do I make transactions?  Basic tutorial on how do I proceed to use the new administrators sites to use the new set-up's, changes, as compared to the USAA site prior to the transaction.


HI @doglover38, We appreciate the question and hope this information will help. This first link http://usaa.com/transitionhub , will take you to a place where you will see comprehensive information about the steps and process leading up to and beyond the transition. This second link will be helpful for questions you may have post transfer. Please circle back with us to let us know if your questions remain unanswered. Thank you. ~ Suzy 

I went to you link: nothing there.  I tried going to each of my 529 accounts and my owen account USAA sold, but no information.  There is no scheduled tranition date or instructions to access Victory Capital.  I researched Victory Capital, so will remove all my money as soon as I can.  Bad karma, USAA!   If I had wanted to invest with Victory Capital, I would have.   I've raised this issue many times, but zero resolution.  I demand USAA provide some means to access my money.   There's only a a little more than $100,000.00, but I want to control and access it.  I did find that USAA lists my wife as the wife of all five of out grandchildren.  So she is wife to six people.  Good one, USAA.