Does USAA offer financial management plans?


Yes Arron1!


Whether you prefer to plan on your own with occasional help or prefer step by step assistance along the way, we are just a phone call away. Call us at 1-800-771-9960 so (Opens pop-up we can address your financial goals and needs.


Here are some more details about our financial planning services.


Thank you!

USAA offers financial advice in a number of different ways.  I have used a number of tools/checklists/calculators they have built into the website which can be good for someone starting out. You can get some basic advice just by calling them on the phone and asking questions (my sister found this particularly helpful), and then they offer full-on financial advising in various forms.


We have done financial advising thorugh USAA several times over the past 10 years or so; sometimes it was a fee-for-advising, more recently it was included in our membership. I am not sure what model they are at right now though it is certainly possible it depends on your net investable assets.


If you have never done advising or are just starting out with no clue what to do, USAA can be very helpful. They will do a holistic look at everything to make sure you are saving for emergencies, properly handling debt, have the right insurance in place, have a will, etc. They have pointed out gaps to us in the past and I am grateful for the help. My only beef with USAA advising and advice to you is that when it comes to investing, they have always recommended a series of USAA funds which often have high expense ratios. I strongly recommend you be careful and watch out for those fees; keeping fees low is a very important aspect to successful long-term investing. I have been given the song and dance about active management and how you can't judge by fees alone, but research has shown again and again that passively-managed, low-fee index funds are the most successful way to build wealth over the long term.


Good luck!