I am a 77 year old Army retiree; my spouse is 56. Obviously, there is an inevitability in that disparity. I recently was awarded 70% disability which resulted in a check for $1500+ per month and a back payment in excess of $5,000. Additionally I receive $2,900 in Army retirement, $1091 Social Security and + or minus $2800 as a long-term substitute teacher at Slidell High School. I estimate there will be + or - $2000 per month in excess to our monthly obligations. In addition to a thorough review of the money my spouse will receive upon my death, my question is basically what advice can you give for investment(s) now?


@Ong Gia, thank you for reaching out. I will forward your inquiry to an investment specialist for review. ~DC

About six months ago I moved my IRA and stock account to Edward Jones. I now have a nice young man within a short drive to have face to face time with while going over things on his computer with a big screen moniter. Maybe I got lucky this one time but the returns are much better with all fees out front. I have annuities with USAA one of which probably will be cashed out this year. I had a 40 panel pv system put in and have a fair ammount to right off for two more years. My monthly stipend has increased, too.