I did the Financial Readiness survey, thinking we would have a high score. My wife and I have zero debt and assets of about $1.3 million. Either one of us could retire--I already have a military pension.


Yet, 52/100?


I agree with your results. 


We have the same situation. 

No debt. 

Own a house fully paid for. 

Own two autos fully paid for. 

Over over $1.2 million in IRAs, 401ks, and in taxable investments. 

Have fourteen credit cards to earn airline miles or hotel points, all fully paid off each and every month. 

Have over $30 K in a mix of checking and savings accounts. 

We collect private company pensions and collect social security payments.


Yet, I get a 54 out of 100 score.  That is redickulous.

 The financial measurement software that USAA is using appears to be junk and useless. 


We all should receive a detailed response from the USAA Vice President in charge of this junk about how screwed up it is.


USAA, what is your response ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

I was a little shocked also at my 59/100.  I realize I need to get my documents in order, but was still surprised.  I have one credit card I pay off monthly, own paid off cars, continue working and will eventually receive a teacher's pension that will replace at least 60% of my income.  My only debt is a mortage of $314K on  a home worth $900K+ and have a college fund for my children (12 & 13) of about $40K each.  What would it take to increase the score?  About the only thing I don't have is a will and long term care insurance.  Golly-this life is one big saving event!!

This measure is what one would expect from a company selling life insurance. We also have no debt, significant assets, yet score in the 60s? They ding us on not having life insurance! We self insure - with a paid up mortgage, multiple retirement plans and a good bank balance. 

Thank you all for sharing your feedback in Community. USAA offers the Financial Readiness Score as a basic assessment based on your inputted financial goals and should not be utilized in place of speaking with a financial advisor.  I am reviewing the feedback provided to see if there is any additional information to share on this matter. ~Celeste

I just figured out how to fix the life insurance part.  If you look under Advice/Planners and Caclulators/Family Protection there is a life insurance calculator that feeds into the Financial Readiness score.  It allows you to input additional insurance and to reduce insurance needs by using savings.  Fixing that part added 25 points to my score.