I noticed the questionnaire doesn't ask about pensions or annuities. As we are mostly from the military community, many of us have military retirements, civil service retirements, or other pensions with a guaranteed income. That cash flow must be factored into any readiness assessment.


Hi Happy*Doodle!


Thank you for your comment. I will be sure to pass along that feedback, thanks again!

This Financial Readiness Score system is worthless as currently setup,


Either have two systems, one for Retired Military/Civilians and one for Active Duty/Reserve/Active Workers or dump the Financial Readiness Score system entirely.


Telling people who have worked all their life, saved and invested for retirement and currently have millions of dollars of assets, own their home and cars, no debts and drawing thousands of dollars in retirement (military and civilian) with SBP plus have FICO credit score in excess of 825 that their financial rediness score is in the 50-60 range is a joke


Have you forgotten who you serve????


Remember many of us joined USAA fourty or fifty years ago, don't forget us!!!



MAA, we appreciate the feedback. This material is for informational purposes and is not investment advice, an indicator of future performance, a solicitation, an offer to buy or sell, or a recommendation for any specific product. A Financial Readiness Score should not be used as the primary basis for making investment or financial decisions. A Financial Readiness Score provides a basic assessment that is based on information and assumptions provided by you regarding your goals, expectations and financial situation, but it does not guarantee financial success or replace more detailed financial planning. The calculations do not infer that USAA assumes any fiduciary duties. Consider your own financial circumstances and goals carefully before investing or purchasing financial products. Before making any decision, consult your own tax, financial or legal advisors regarding your situation. Information provided by you in connection with the Financial Readiness Score tool is voluntary, will not be considered in connection with a request or application for credit or insurance products/services, and may be used by USAA for marketing and other business purposes as set forth in the USAA Privacy Promise.  Have a good weekend, Jen

Nor do the calculators allow for disability income, which is tax-free.

I agree with your results. 


We have the same situation. 

No debt. 

Own a house fully paid for. 

Own two autos fully paid for. 

Over over $1.2 million in IRAs, 401ks, and in taxable investments. 

Have fourteen credit cards to earn airline miles or hotel points, all fully paid off each and every month. 

Have over $30 K in a mix of checking and savings accounts. 

We collect private company pensions and collect social security payments.


Yet, I get a 54 out of 100 score.  That is redickulous.

 The financial measurement software that USAA is using appears to be junk and useless. 


We all should receive a detailed response from the USAA Vice President in charge of this junk about how screwed up it is.


USAA, what is your response ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Over thirty days have gone by since I posted this comment, with a request for a reply from USAA Financial Services. 


As of today, July 7, 2016 I have NOTHING from anybody in USAA about this comment on the failure of the USAA Financial Rediness Score software. 


The silence from USAA speaks volumes.