I posted here a month ago and longer she the post.  no shocked.  USAA did contact me from the "office of the CEO"  right!  i told him it should not take 12 plus calls to get their attention.  by then the members are beyond frustrated.  That I was prepared to close all my accounts, including mortgage.  He said i'd be hearing back from them........... so far all i hear is silence.  The "customer service" obviously does not get better  at the CEO level.  As the saying goes "it starts from the top down".  Telling they "appreciate" my 24 plus  years  is just a rehearsed line without meaning becuase their actions certainly don't indicate any appreciation or respect.


I am sorry to hear you have not been contacted again. Please know I have escalated this post. 


I wanted to add a link to the post you previously mentioned as well. 



Thank you for taking the time to follow up here.