I used to love USAA but not anymore. Me and my wife use a joint account to pay bills and we each have our own account. Just today we made a mistake and our account was 10 cents short for our mortgage. Honest mistake.Instead of just paying it like any decent company would do (which USAA used to do )and then charge us an NSF fee which I would have been fine with. My mistake. NO USAA not only rejects the payment but runs it twice and charges us 2 30 dollar NSF fees and what is even worse we recieved no notifications and when I check our acct. It say no transactions have been decline. So not only did that cost us 60 dollars, the mortgage company charged us 100 dollar late fee. So keep in mind it just cost me $160 over a 10 cent mistake. Then when you call their scripted response is sorry it's the computers fault nothing we can do. I call b.s.. USAA is turning into just another corrupt bank trying to squeeze rediculous fees and charges anyway they can.


I'm sorry to hear of this experience you had with us, @Krash2. I have located you in our system and will be forwarding your details to a subject matter for further review. ~Sarah