Has anyone experienced waiver of fees with early CD Withdrawal due to financial hardship brought on by COVID-19. Specifically in my case, the loss of a spouse due to Coronavirus complications.


@Toilet Tissue, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your spouse. I took some time to look at the assistance offers we have currently and waiving the penalty on a Certificate of Deposit was not something mentioned. I would be glad to forward your feedback to the appropriate area. Thank you. ~ Suzy 

I would also invite you to speak to our servicing agents about any financial hardship you may be experiencing. We will do our best to review options with you. ~ Suzy

NFCU offers this but i havent heard of usaa offering it sadly

@KimbeeePalmer, I regret we are unable to meet the needs of our members seeking waivers on penalties for closing Certificate of Deposits early. We are offering other ways of helping members impacted by the Coronavirus National emergency. Members should reach out to us directly via phone or chat to discuss further. Thank you. - Rhonda