Federal Annuitant looking at TSP rollove options and debt



I am a recently retired federal worker.  Although my annuity is not yet finalized, I am estimating a gross monthly benefit of $6,185 (this may increase slightly when the numbers are finalized).  I have a balance of approximatly $310,000 in a TSP account and I am considering rolling over $280,000 into a USAA investment and using the remaining $30,000 to pay off all of our unsecured debt from home improvements we've made over the past several years. I don't plan on moving forward until 2019 because of tax liabilities.  I will be working a series of contract positions with intent of having more time at home.  Are there drawbacks to my plan? Are there other options to consider with respect to investing this money but still reducing my debt load in the coming year?


Any advice is appreciated.