Fed LEOs not eligible for low-interest loan?


We're a dual federal employee couple. I distinctly remember getting an email or seeing a banner ad during the 2013 shutdown from USAA essentially saying that because they knew the salaries would eventually be deposted, they were doing to advance us our usual pay during the shutdown. In reality, I don't believe we ended up going into the actual pay date to be affected (we know we get paid about 10 days after the pay period ends, so the direct deposit date is closer to the end of the later pay period end).


This time my spouse is a federal law enforcement officer who is "exempt." This doesn't mean his agency is funded. This means he HAS to work without pay and when DOJ gets funded, he'll get paid then. I'm exempt because my agency is funded via other revenue from annual approps, but our reserves are quickly running out and I'm facing being furloughed if this drags on another few weeks.


Why wouldn't USAA offer these low-interest loans to members based on the simple fact that $X,XXX.XX is deposited into your account every other Friday and now it's not? Why does USAA think only Coast Guard and NOAA employees should be eligible. Not even so much as a banner ad on the landing page to express empathy for the uncertain times MANY of their members might be in. Even after a hurricane affecting a state or two of their constituency, most banks put an empathy banner message on the landing page with resources for people who find themselves in the dire situation. Do I need a personal loan right now? Not yet. But I might within a few weeks, and I just don't really want to continue a relationship with a credit union that is supposed to be putting our common interests above their bottom line.


@ALK1We understand that some of our non-military members are impacted by the current government shutdown, but given the difficulty in determining each federal department’s approach and each member’s status, we’ve had to limit this offer to active duty Coast Guard and NOAA Corps employees. We encourage you to call us directly to discuss your specific situation, so we can help determine the best option for you. ~DC

Doesn’t seem so hard to me - direct deposit records clearly show where from. You could ask for furlough letters or sf-50s. It’s just how you want to treat civilian members. We get it, you want us to leave. OK.

@Bevinbell - I'm sorry to hear we've disappointed you. While only Coast Guard and NOAA Corps members are eligible for our specific loan offering, I encourage you to call us directly at 1-800-531-8722 to discuss your options. We are committed to finding a solution for all of our members affected by this shutdown, and are here to discuss your needs with you. - Cathleen 

Please stop saying USCG and NOAA employees afr eligible, ... you've made it clear ONLY Active Duty members are worthy of USAA support; being a long term loyal member means nothing.

This auto reply from customer sevice is a cop-out...they have no problem verifying employment when processing a mortgage or other loan, and the departments affected are public knowledge...terrible customer service is now the standard for USAA? 

I’m highly disappointed to find out that USAA is only providing limited relief for the many Federal workers impacted by the Governments partial shut-down despite the fact that there remain many non-DoD members.

There are other NCUA institutions providing a variety of assistance well beyond that which USAA is offering. Both SDFCU and NFCU are offering 0% lines of credit for direct depositors. I’m presently providing all this link to NFCU assistance site,

I strongly encourage USAA to match these institutions’ customer service offerings to maintain my membership.


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If you’re members of NFCU, switch your direct deposit there and they will offer assistance. NFCU is offering supreme customer service to all Feds. Here’s the link.


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Good think you removed the link USAA.  I doubt anyone will be able to google Navy Federal so they can move their business to a bank that is supporting their loyal customer in no risk loans.