I've been with USAA for 26 years and for many of those it was one of my favorite companies because of their amazing customer service. I started with auto insurance, then computer insurance, credit cards, checking accounts, investment accounts, homeowners' insurance, valuable personal property, and others. They weren't the cheapest insurance policies or the best yielding bank accounts, but I knew in the 90s and 2000s that I could always count on impeccable customer service and that they always looked after their members, which was well-worth it to me. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case, and with huge disappointment, I'm beginning the process of moving my accounts to other companies.
Actually, USAA began this process by selling off all of their investment accounts to Schwab and Victory Capitol last year. Our three IRA accounts were sold to Schwab and our three college savings accounts were sold to Victory. But I figured their core business of insurance and banking were still solid. But I've had mediocre to bad experiences in the past year or two dealing with both their insurance and banking sides, starting with poor to non-existent communication.
As a recent example, and the straw that broke the camel's back, I uploaded a letter to USAA on May 1 and called every other day for two weeks for a response and kept being told to expect a callback in the next day or two. Finally yesterday, I spent 2-1/2 hours on the phone, escalating the issue to their executive retention team. As in the past, the customer service agents were polite, often friendly and seemingly sympathetic, but completely unhelpful. In the case of a very minor homeowner claim that invovled no loss a few months ago, the adjuster asked me to have a more expensive appliance- inpsection done and said USAA would cover the extra cost, but they never reimbursed the expense even months after it was submitted. In the case of a recent Zelle scam, I was initially told the bank would be able to freeze the transaction that had happened minutes earlier, but was later told that they wouldn't do anything, they woudln't even say which bank they had sent the $850 to, even though I had uploaded reports to the FBI and FTC. In nearly every phone call, the USAA agent I spoke to agreed that that it was a bad policy and that they should help prevent - or at least report! - these crimes, but in the end they chose to do nothing.
It is shocking to me that after millions of dollars in credit card transactions and bank deposits, millions more in two life insurance and two homeonwer's policies, impeccable credit, etc, that USAA is willing to lose a 26-year-member over an $850 scam that they could easily resolve. Other banks, including Wells Fargo and Bank of America, have helped their customers in similar situations, I would think USAA would at least match that level of customer service!
USAA's motto is We Know What It Means To Serve, and for two decades, I could count on them to have phenomenal customer service. But in the past few years that service has lagged behind that of many other companies, companies that should have much higher overhead with all of their brick and mortar locations, etc. Such a shame.


@ markmoran, 

Thank you for over 26 years of membership.  However, it's truly disheartening to hear about your recent experiences with us.  I'd like to have your concerns reviewed further so we can re-establish your trust with us.  I’ve escalated your situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns. Please allow 3-4 business days for contact.  Thanks ~Mike   

Why do you think you can change his mind in 3-4 days?

I guess that you experienced some of the USAA world class customer service.

I was about to post my 30 years experience but found it is not necessary. You have told my story to the "T".  I too am working to move EVERYTHING from USAA.  So sad it has come to this.  My next move is to cancel all automatic payments as I realize I just renewed something by accident.  My dad is rolling in his grave.  He loved USAA.

Hello @Soon to be Ex, I'm sorry to learn you are in the process of moving everything away from USAA. Your 30 years of membership is truly appreciated and I certainly want the right area to help with your specific concerns. So I may better understand your situation, please share further details. -Paula

Man, I totally hit the virtual "quotation marks" over that entire piece, which like the other reply entry says, cover my sentiments exactly.  It used to be that USAA floundered at times, but they still won me over with apologizing, finding solutions to the errors (and let me tell ya, it tried our patience, like the time they didn't reimburse me and my wife after moving to Hawaii because they used JC  as their adjuster and our car was vandalized while being shipped, the adjuster tried to say the crowbar to the dashboard and back seat were "original damage possibly"...USAA finally relented and reimbursed us a bit more, almost a year later, when we recalled that story in a survey they asked us to do...if not for the survey, we'd never have gotten anything else!)  We had a few stories of USAA letting us down, but we stayed the course with the company because we knew in the worst times, they would be a consistent level of service to help us get through all the international moves we made.  Except for that one car vandalization in shipment, which actually the shipper covered and USAA threw a bit of monet at us for later due to us having a rental car they did not then cover on policies, we had one other car claim covered by the other vehicle because they were totally at fault (on their phone) and admitted it--USAA then tried to junk my wife's car, said it was not repairable, and we insisted it was...she then worked for Ford Motor Company teaching their corporate employees training classes, so she had "connections" and the certification of a few mechanics, saying "this was hardly any damage at all" helped us move over that hurdle.  But, we had ZERO claims on our part due to anything we did, and no home claims, no other drama at all.  Perfect credit at almost 850 for each of us, no late payments or bounced checks ever, no drama with rental or home insurance ever...and no wrecks...and our rates kept going up.  We had a horrendous experience with our former home (bought in 2013) because of what USAA investigators dubbed "zero tolerance errors" when we refinanced the loan, again with USAA, and we involved the retention side of the insurance end, and the mortgage side was caught off guard...we figured out, on our own, that our insurance did NOT have to be escrowed into the loan, as we had been told about six or seven times, when we pressed for why it was different on the refi two years later than on the original home loan.  Nationstar/Mr. Cooper was horrible as the loan servicer, USAA knows this, but all their business decisions seem to lean this way:  Get rid of the main customer base of any business we have deemed to somehow be less profitable, throw it aside, give your members no notice, and then move on.  So, with the home loan, the mortgage side told us we were going behind their backs, totally untrue since we used USAA insurance to verify that a condo home in Virgina did NOT have to have the insurance escrowed in!  They didn't know that?  Of course they didn't.  So, then some CEO (I have names, won't put them in here but some are still with USAA at higher up positions) called and told us on the voicemails, "You are holding up this loan refi, perhaps USAA is not the company for you"...we kept those voicemails, by the way.  It was like a nightmare, as how were we to be the problem in this situation, and we weren't even pulling the loan as we should have and going elsewhere?  Too close to the finish line for that one, but we bided our time.  Then, with the investment side, it's just been horrible.  Last year, the lies about how Victory Capital was going to be a transitional time, was going to last two years (check out the fee differences very carefully, folks as you will be charged more very soon!)...we got less than 40 days notice, if you even noticed the link to click to find out about it, about the Victory Capital change.  No more DFAS direct deposits to investments, either, which with DFAS takes about 60 days minimum to change, not 15 or 30 days like the USAA manager tried to whine and accuse us of "not doing your part fast enough once you had the information"...my wife's USAA account didn't even get any word on this, it was a link saying, "There are changes coming to investments that may affect you...click here to learn more" in tiny print at the top of my USAA log in about this, not even on her side.  IF I clicked it, which I didn't do right away, there was info about the changes, but it didn't say much until you started to read the fine print about DFAS, and the info didn't get to members in time for us to take action--some of us are deployed, travel with our jobs, and our whole lives cannot be spent trying to call around about these things that then become our burden to resolve.  My wife tried to get our Money Market funds moved, did it in time, but three different USAA people told her it was "too late"--she got a contact very high up at USAA who wanted to remain anonymous, who said they would help and finally did.  But one guy said, "Oh, I was told you were complaining too much, so we aren't able to talk to you" when my wife got one CEO's office rep on the phone (yes, again, we have the names, dates, times of those calls, in a large notebook of notes!)  My wife is not on these chats, she has no Facebook, but she had left a couple of the CEO office extensions our plight and questions, so they were screening and would not assist!  It was all about  being unhelpful, we've been totally patient and polite, and this is how USAA higher-ups act now...they hide behind extensions, nobody has an email address to be reached at any more (and they cite "not passing personal info" as the reason--total BS because other reps will still do it as long as the communication is generic in nature and doesn't include orders, account numbers, etc), and everyone is young and immature.  The call center and chat lines online don't work when they say they will be available, and a couple of times, I've gotten someone in another country who is "manning" the call center in the last couple of years!  I don't know if that has continued or they got bad feedback and stopped doing it, nothing against anyone from another country, but how do you cite privacy and then have people answering and giving general website info who aren't even based in the States?  Then, beyond that, they have allowed the second cousins of people who served a half day in the military to join USAA (not literally but almost that distant in relations), and it's watered down their customer base.  We pulled our home insurance, car insurance and mortgage from USAA less than two years ago, and the service on the mortgage has been stellar, I can always text someone to ask a question general in nature, I can email if I need help and someone calls me the same day (Wells Fargo) and our home and auto insurance work the same way (with no claims, along with our track record).  We calculated with the rates we had on a condo (and now we have a home with more land, on the water, so more liability) vs the home and the same cars, we pay $600 less for a LOT more coverage, a LOT more.  And better service!  So, what's not to like?  We hate being the ones to stay it, but we just pulled our investments out of USAA, took them to Fidelity, who is open to chat til midnight and did the opening of accounts at 10 pm two Thursdays ago, easy as pie.  We already had some funds with Fidelity, so we were relieved it was easier and people there are available all weekend, too!  No problem with using DFAS for direct deposit, either!  No signing up for new account log-ins as USAA is now forcing people to do after lying last year and saying we would have "two years from July 2019" to do that.  Nope, it has to be done by this month, if you don't want to have the drama of a log-in you won't use any more once you leave.  It's sad, we only now have checking and savings with USAA and a small renters policy for another property, and we're dropping the renters policy by summer's end.  The ads don't tell the truth, you don't know what it means to serve, but you used to, USAA.  My wife has been with USAA since 1987 and from birth via her parents' policies, and I've been with USAA since 1990.  So, that's a lot of years, and USAA does not care one bit, nope, they did nothing to keep us when we practically begged them to review our insurance policies and give us more competitive rates.  Their answer?  Increase your deductibles or decrease coverages...duh.  In other words, "you increase your risk, valuable USAA customers of more than 60 years between you!  We don't care about you at all, see ya."  So, we moved our investments, and the guy who was first put in charge of this two weeks ago lied and said he never heard from Fidelity, they didn't leave him their contact info. (he forgot when he lied that we'd also given him that contact info), and then he said he'd monitor the transition request and he didn't...we had to call his boss again this past Monday to get her involved.  So, don't worry, USAA...we're moving on and letting the door slam behind us, joyfully.  A bit sentimental to go, we loved USAA at one time, but they're losing people left and right.  Fidelity said they've never been this busy due to USAA customers flocking to move there..but don't be fooled, USAA sold to Victory Capital, so in a couple of years, those ties will all be gone, they don't care at all what happens to those accounts (and their former USAA investors) once their commitment to the transition is done.   Very sad, but I had to tell our story, and we are the better for it, too.  



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@JandJ, we are sadden to read of your experience and would like the opportunity to review this further.  We appreciate your patience while this is done.  


I think the sooner members understand that it really doesn't matter (to USAA) whether you've been with them for 10 years or 100 years--everyone will be better off.  If we earned $.01 for each time USAA responded with its standard apologies/responses--we'd all be millionaires. :-) Yes--many members would feel much better if USAA discontinued pitching its "world class service" or "we know what it means to serve" (to name a couple of their gimmicks)--in order to capture a segment of our population. USAA's CS reps on this community page have a tough job and little power to do anything else but respond with the same standard responses--which will continue to frustrate many of those who need help. The problem rests with the mid/upper tier managers who who aren't willing --in my opinion--to place themselves in a situation of possibly being fired if the wrong decision is made--so they probably ignore the issue. You might be lucky to get a call from their exective resolutions team--and maybe your issue might be resolved to your satisfaction. It never worked for me--so I decided to move all my banking/CCs/investment services elsewhere about 2.5 years ago. They just can't seem to resolve simple issues like they use to. Don't know if you know--but USAA was ordered to pay $12M to members after failing to stop unauthorized electronic payments--Google USAA & Stars Stripes. Very interesting article.