FYI - CapitalOne 360 Performance Savings Account

USAA can't touch CapitalOne 360 Performance Savings Account in terms of interest - I moved some money there and I've already earned more in interest than I have for years at USAA . All the money that USAA isn't paying in interest is going into executive salaries for people who have done nothing to earn it.  

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moved our money to Betterment...also making 4%


Isn't it funny how USAA will immediately raise rates on credit cards, auto/home loans etc. as soon as the Fed does....but won't raise APYs on their savings accounts? PNC Bank is offering 4% and CapitalOne is offering 3.4%. Both are exponentially more than USAA does.

I found out the same thing, moved all of my money out of USAA years ago and I'm a lot better off now.