Can anyone tell me how to get a free credit report?


You need to check these crooks at Experian, et al constantly, right now I have bogus negative data for $0 & $2 lowering my credit score.

How do I obtain this report?

Credit report and score 

Hi RIva,

Scott, one of USAA's CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS, discusses in detail the ins and outs of credit reports and where to get them for free here:


Thank you!

Briana, you may want to note that one of the comments listed in the trail above ( on 10/01/14) talkes abotu crooks at the company USAA has an arrangement with. You would possible want to respond and assure folks that USAA stands behind the veners you work with on our behalf.


Dear Sally,

Thank you for posting. USAA does stand behind the companies they endorse and welcome any feedback and assistance in resolving issues.



PLease feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-531-8722 so that we can look into the issues you are experiencing with your credit report. Thank you.